Testing out open federation.
House was started in part to have a backup in case reddit bans Monero or otherwise goes to shit (looks like it will) but also from my horrible experience fighting ai-bot-comments that look just about human at first glance but add zero value. Because of the latter, was only federating with very few other lemmy instances and puts a lot of emphasis on verifying that every single user is really human. By now I have learned a lot more about how Lemmy works and cleared up the concerns I was having about ressource usage when federating (it is apparently close to zero) as well as concerns regarding moderation. With that being said: # # now has open federation. I'll evalute how this affects our little Monero Lemmy instance over some time but for now it seems like a very positive change. Due to the increase in content brought from federation, there is now finally a reason to check house more than once per day 😅 For people who dont care about anything but Monero, the "local" tab should still be largely the same experience as before, with the only difference being that people from other instances can now comment on posts made here. The sign-up process will also stay the same so you'll always know you are most likely talking to a real person when they dont have another @-symbol+ domain behind their username. Should this for some reason not work out, we can always silo the instance again but I'm optimistic about this change.

This server should leverage the coming push for an exodus from reddit to move the Monero community off that site.
I don't know if you'd have to offer mod positions to the existing r/monero moderators, build bots to feed data in so that there's more going on here, put this site in the sidebar there or what, but now's our chance to rid ourselves of dependence on that awful company. Everyone's mobile apps for reddit are about to stop working. Lots of people are going to be looking for an excuse to ditch the site, and if their must participate communities are still there this will blow over and reddit will continue to dominate online communities and run roughshod over them. You don't need the big useless communities to move, you need the niche ones that you can't currently get anywhere else, such as this one, to move. If I could have the level of discussion relating to Monero here (or anywhere) that I have there I would never touch that site again. Monero is literally the only reason I visit that site. I'm sure it's the same for a lot of people, with regard to other communities. Hopefully we can do github next.

0.7 XMR (~100 USD) bug bounty
Crossgeposted von: > I want to see [issue #175]( get fixed along with giving correct labels to anything else that reads "todo". This would appear to need [issue #1]( fixed as well. > > To claim once your pull request has been merged and a version is released with your fixes comment with your monero address on #175.

I feel like i am the one causing federation
From what i can tell the "all" feed is identical to my "subscribed" feed. If true that makes it quite likely that i am the one responsible for subscribing to most of the remote communities

New User “Introductions” Community?
Is there a designated community on this server for folks to introduce themselves after joining?

Can’t subscribe to other instances?
I'm getting no results when I search on for a community that lives in another lemmy instance. Why? According to the documentation: * > You can find more communities by browsing different Lemmy instances...When you found a community that you want to follow, enter its URL (e.g. or the identifier (e.g. ! into the search field of your own Lemmy instance. Lemmy will then fetch the community from its original instance, and allow you to interact with it. I did this on our instance (eg searching for `` or ``), but I get no results 1. 1. Is this a bug? Or am I doing something wrong?

Geez, if you thought it was hard to withdraw Monero before... It'll be interesting to see if this creates a run on Binance and if it does, what happens.

Reference for how good various LLMs perform.

automating swaps?
Hi all, Does anybody know of any atomic swaps where I can easily automate LTC - XMR or XMR - <anything> exchanges, through say, an api?

Announcing Donor Raffle Round
There is now a way to reward miners donating hashrate to the raffle by giving them their own round. Please take a look @ for more info. Donate info page This feature is still being tested so there may be bugs and glitches.

Announcing Donor Raffle Round
cross-posted from: > There is now a way to reward miners donating hashrate to the raffle by giving them their own round. > > Please take a look @ for more info. > > Donate info page

VIP round rule changes
The VIP round now consists of main and mini window miners. The requirement to win the raffle or boost has also been changed from a share within 48 hours to 24 hours. This is to discourage miners from breaking up their hashrate and registering multiple entries in the raffle. now accepts payments with Monero and Haven
Haven is a fork of Monero. It has all the same freedom and privacy features as Monero, but it also has something else: a set of stablecoins called "xAssets", which can be converted between each other very efficiently with no counter-party. We believe in the Haven project and its leadership, and we want to help. Haven offers something that the Monero community needs. They deserve our support. That's why now offers buying and selling of silver bullion in both Monero and Haven xAssets. We will be providing liquidity for all sides of this market.
6 now accepts payments with Monero and Haven

Agorist Market
Has anybody else heard of this? I was just introduced to it by some libertarian pals of mine. I'd never heard of Agorism before either. Seems like it aligns with the spirit of Monero, though? Thoughts?

Get your picos ready! Tomorrow at 4:00PM UTC, the Monerochan plushies will become available on! They come with a little certificate which is numbered from 1 to 100 (no more!) in chronological order (so be quick if you want a low one😋)

Is the rise of [ARIS.IO]( a good development for financial freedom or are we giving in to a slippery slope?

What Monero can learn from Tor!
Great video on why Tor became a success and how Monero can learn from this.

Question on increasing blockchain size
Hi all, I am trying to conceptually understand the sizes we are talking about regarding the blockchains size. I scrolled through []( and saw that most transactions are a little over 1kB in size. As far as I understand these transactions are permanently stored on the blockchain (or are "old" transactions somehow removed once the funds are spent again in another transaction?). Given my lack of understanding I will assume the above. If monero really takes off to say, 2000 transactions per second for 10 years. Then we have a total blockchain size of: ``` size_per_second = 1000 * 2000 seconds_in_10years = 60 * 60 * 24 * 365 * 10 size_per_second * seconds_in_10years = 630,720,000,000,000 = 630.7 tB ``` - That is a lot of data. How is or can this be dealt with? - What prevents anyone from creating "useless" transactions? Why can't some party put a very large sum of money into just creating useless transactions? Especially once the blocksize is larger and transactions thus get cheaper.

Post mortem: 2023.03.24
This is barely worth mentioning but if you are curious, the site was down for a bit under an hour just now. The droplet running it had to be power-cycled, after which everything worked again. Currently lemmy has a memory leak somewhere and runs out of RAM every few days. Usually it recovers by restarting unhealty containers itself but it seems like that didn't work today.

Stagenet wallets and nodes
Hi all, tl;dr - mobile stagenet wallet? - stagenet remote nodes to connect to? As far as I can tell stagenet is the same software as mainnet, but just on a different blockchain which isn't valued. Testnet is where newer monero versions are tested. I am looking try out different tools (eg, rpc wallet) to emulate what the mainnet looks like without losing valuable monero. I already got myself some stagenet coins, but I am still looking for a mobile wallet and possibly a remote node to connect to. I could not find a way to use cakewallet on the stagenet? Is this possible? Are there alternatives on ios or android?

Iranian woman beats government’s tyranny using Monero (interview)
(Original was at but appears to have been deleted by reddit. Note from OP u/True-Description1674: The original title mentions "taliban" by mistake, the questions and answers from the woman are 100% real, they are referring to the way the Iranian government treats its citizens.) Hello everyone I bring you an anonymous interview from an Iranian woman who wants to tell us a little about her perspective on cryptos and how they have helped her in the midst of the growing tyranny in her country. ### 1- Tell me about your socioeconomic context and how cryptos have helped you? I have not yet got the chance to spend my crypto, and to be honest, I have been only saving to build myself a new PC. The main reason is, in fact, living in Iran, with the insane rate of inflation, it is nearly impossible for someone like to be able to afford that, independently. Besides the food inflation (standing at the sixth place in the world), electronic devices and PC parts are also priced based on the price of dollar. Meanwhile, we make money in rials–one of the most worthless currencies in the world, right now and as it gets more and more worthless every day, free-falling, and with a salary raise rate, that is not enough at all or close to the rate of inflation. On the other side, dollar only goes up (and unlike the famous saying goes, "what goes up must come down", it has never fallen back to its previous value). So, you save and save and one day you wake up to see the prices have doubled or tripled. I think, just knowing that I own an amount of crypto has at the least helped me feel more financially secured, which is a relief. Knowing that sooner or later, I will reach my very basic goal, even though I live in a third-world in the middle east. ### 2- How did you find out about cryptocurrencies? I had heard about cryptos and tokens, maybe five or six years ago as something I could earn by doing tasks like watching ads—a way to make money during school Summer break, but that was it. I was a teen, fully caught up with art, with little to no interest in a technology, that I could not touch. So of course, I did not bother to dig any more about cryptos, until later, in 2020, when the NFT market started to blow up and I tried to read about it in more depth. In the beginning, it was quite complicated to understand all these terms, everything was totally new and from another whole planet for me. At this point, crypto was finally becoming more entangled with my profession at least, attracting me towards it, especially because I found the original notion and concept behind NFTs, pretty praiseworthy. I absolutely respected and admired the coming change, until that also got corrupted in my opinion, and people started paying absurd amounts of money for shallow pieces like the famous apes, which makes no sense to me at all! So, here I stepped back and out of NFTs, while I was still learning about cryptos, indirectly and through the conversations, me and my partner had. He specifically taught me a lot about Monero—his favorite coin, and gradually, since last year, I got to know more people through him, who helped me so much with educating myself on cryptocurrencies and more importantly, **the vitality of privacy!** ### 3- How did you get your first cryptocurrency? I got my first cryptocurrency through work. After an online collaboration I had as a freelance artist and was paid in Monero. ### 4- How does it make you feel to be financially independent in a context like yours? In one word: **stronger**. I feel more confident and the earning makes me feel that my work is actually being appreciated. Receiving Iranian rial in return for the work you do can sometimes feel like being a slave, especially when I look at the majority of our society, the working class people and white-collar employees, that are employed by the government/state. Wake up at dawn, run, bumping to people in the subway to get on that first train and arrive at your workplace on time, where you have to do something you do not even enjoy for minimum 7 hours, and only make 250 dollars a month, that covers your food, bills and maybe your rent. Going on a vacation will be a whim, and of course saving in rials is not even a rational thing to do. So, all of this makes me feel lucky and privileged, wishing that everybody soon migrates from this worthless currency to a much more valuable one–a safe and private money, that does have some respect for your human dignity. The simplest incentive is that you would at least be able to "keep up" with the inflation, save yourself from getting unjustly poorer as the titanic is sinking, granting you some peace of mind. ### 5- What are the advantages and disadvantages of cryptos? The most beautiful thing about cryptos in my opinion, the same as what the Internet did, is how the unnecessary gaps and walls made by the governments got closed. No matter the geographical distance or what goes on politically between your country and mine, we can still interact with each other. In crypto (especially with Monero), there is no PayPal-like games played, to freeze my account, block my transactions for using the word ‘Persian’ or ‘Cuban’ in the note! On the other hand, I don’t see any disadvantages really, or at least not yet! Except for the fact that the idea behind cryptos could be abused and high jacked by the governments as we can see now, through the establishment of CBDCs for instance. Believe it or not, Islamic Republic is trying to create a CBDC and the thought of it alone is like a nightmare. In such a Nineteen Eighty-Four like dictatorship, with people that are unfortunately not really educated on this matter, that is the one of the hugest threats to people's freedom and lives. However, in a society where the people are educated and well-informed about cryptocurrencies, there would be nothing to worry about. Everyone must come to this conclusion, once and forever, that the system is not to be trusted, the majority of politicians, if not all of them, anywhere in the world are corrupt in one way or another, and they only rarely work in people’s favors. We need to separate our ways by not giving in so easily, not making ourselves dependent on them, letting them stab us in the back every once in while. ### 6- Do you consider cryptocurrencies to be some kind of anti-state mechanism? Absolutely. I believe cryptocurrencies, not the ones from the central banks of course, are an anti-state mechanism, or else the Islamic Republic wouldn’t have arrested those who were mining crypto, and the US wouldn’t have been looking forward to creating CBDC. ### 7- What is it like to have economic freedom as a woman in Iran? It was a couple years ago, that I started to notice things that I did not really paid attention to, when I was younger. I heard/read stories from women, I saw how much more fragile it makes you, when you cannot financially support yourself and stand on your own feet and be at least, partially independent. As a woman, I can see that we do need to have savings, no matter the country you live in. But it definitely becomes much more of a serious matter, if you are a woman in a country like Iran with absolutely anti-women laws, written in accordance to the 1400-year-old sharia. Women and girls in Iran are treated as second class citizens, and I am confident, that 99 percent of the laws are against women! I quote what the UN expert, Javaid Rehman has said in an [article]( published on The United Nations Human Rights office's website; "Blatant discrimination exists in Iranian law and practice that must change. In several areas of their lives, including in marriage, divorce, employment, and culture, Iranian women are either restricted or need permission from their husbands or paternal guardians, depriving them of their autonomy and human dignity. These constructs are completely unacceptable and must be reformed now." That is the reason why economic freedom does matter even more in this part of the world. In our culture, our grandmothers used to save in gold and hid them in pillows and mattresses, some could even buy themselves properties under their own names! And they were just simple house-wives with no income from the outside, except what the husbands provided them with. [link] www [dot] ohchr [dot] org/en/press-releases/2021/03/iran-women-and-girls-treated-second-class-citizens-reforms-urgently-needed ### 8- Has learning about cryptocurrencies made you see injustices in the current financial system that you hadn't noticed before? The Islamic Republic regime, as I mentioned earlier, detected and arrested those that were mining either at home or on farms, made mining illegal, unless you have obtained the government’s official authorization for mining. What they did after, was confiscating the farms and mining crypto for themselves. But that did not surprise me much, as it is the Islamic Republic after all. But a year ago, I witnessed something, I did not really expect–an eye-opener for me to see the actual amount of authority banks have over our money and hate banks even more. The government had sent an amount of money as a welfare to the families that stand under the poverty line, and then, froze the money for a month, which translates to "do not use it, until I say so" with a pat on the back.I want to bank my own money! Another factor that makes cryptocurrencies and this technology a threat to the government, being an anti-state mechanism, is its potential and ability to crush the banks. ### 9- What you think about privacy? In the past three months, I felt living in a literal “dystopia” with all of my entity, more than ever.There is an app, called Snapp (the Iranian Uber), with an online food delivery service as well, has been exposing and giving out costumers’ information to the government for them to find and arrest those that have been actively participating in the protests. It’s so depressing to see how they have successfully taken away our "safety" by taking away our privacy first, fooling us with their lies. It’s nothing surprising from such a crime-obsessed regime, but what’s scarier is to see it happen in other countries, too. We have already thrown ourselves into their trap, but it is never too late. Privacy is vital and we need to protect it at all costs, protecting privacy is protecting ourselves.For years and years they seeded an unnecessary fear in our hearts from a group of people in the society, the poor, those that turn to stealing and other crimes, while the real dangerous monsters are outside, free and in power! Then, utilized the same fear to take away our crucial right to privacy. Not mentioning the fact that those individuals, thieves, murderers, and so on, are all the products of the system’s corruption in one way or another. So, what do you think?

Whit this pull request being merged, NFTs on Monero, also known as morbs will be severely constrained in their maximum size. It was fun while it lasted, I'm very glad this change was implemented so quickly after morbs became a thing :)